Life On A Boat

We are long-time residents of San Juan Island making our dream come true by living year round on a classic wooden boat. We raised our children here and now can downsize to live on our boat.  Running a B&B is both extremely challenging and rewarding. We live on the boat and we share our home with our guests making it possible for everyone to experience life on a boat. Every guest that steps onboard becomes a friend visiting us and sharing our private living space. We enjoy meeting interesting people and we love to have a relaxed and fun time on deck sharing life stories . We feel that life cannot get any better than to wake up surrounded by water, mostly blue sky with birds and wildlife all around us. In the evening we enjoy the breathtaking sunsets on deck, sit outside under the stars with good food and good company. Then being rocked to sleep with gentle waves we can fall into a peaceful sleep below deck.


The marine environment gives us the feeling of being on vacation and ready for any adventure, catching crab's right off the deck, shrimps under the boat; and watching seals, otters, and birds right outside the window. The drawback, well it's the small bathrooms and small closets, but we would not trade living onboard for any mansion on land.

Wharfside Bed and Breakfast Aboard the Slowseason
PO Box 3330 Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (360) 378-5661
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